Saving on Ink, Paper and Trees

GreenPrint - Saving on Ink, Paper and Trees

GreenPrint - Saving on Ink, Paper and Trees

We - from - have no ties whatsoever with the makers of the 'green' software we're talking about here, but we found the initiative very sympathetic and useful, probably contributing to a healthy environment if it's applied by a lot of companies, organizations and consumers. That's why we are writing about it here.

A few years ago there was a particular announcement.
GreenPrint Technologies, a green technology company of Hayden Hamilton launched their efficient printing software called GreenPrint.

As it's said in the press release: " the Applause of Millions of Trees" because the software, besides saving on ink, saves a lot on printing paper and therefore saving trees.

Here's what the makers say about this - I think really useful - software: "GreenPrint solves a problem nearly every computer user has experienced - the wasteful pages that seem only to appear after a document has been printed (for example, pages with just a URL, banner ad, legal jargon, or a run-over Excel column).

The GreenPrint software accomplishes this by analyzing the documents and then highlighting and removing unnecessary pages. The company thinks that having a solution for this common problem for home and business users will not only save billions of dollars a year, but will also save tens of millions of trees, millions of tons of greenhouse gasses, and an enormous amount of landfill waste.

Besides highlighting and removing unnecessary pages and/or images etc. before you're going to print, GreenPrint also includes, as the makers put it: an easy to use PDF writer, a fantastic print preview called GreenView, and a reporting feature which keeps track of the number of pages, trees, and money saved.

There's also a enterprise version of GreenPrint providing insight into waste reduction through a company-wide printing overview, as well as tracking the organizationís positive environmental impact (for example the number of trees saved and greenhouse emissions prevented). It also provides an easy way to re-use paper already printed on one side before recycling it.

"We believe the average Fortune 500 Company will save over $2 million and roughly 4,000 trees annually using GreenPrint" says initiator Hayden Hamilton. They see it as a revolutionary product because it helps save the environment while saving money. I wonder what other product is capable to do such a thing.

Founder Hamilton started exploring conservation solutions while studying ecotourism in the mountains of Nepal and SE Asia on a Freeman Fellowship. He further investigated progressive business ideas while at Oxfordís Said Business School on a Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship. His first company, ProgressiveRx, founded in 2003, created a low-cost alternative for Americans without prescription drug benefits. He started GreenPrint in 2005 to try to create a solution to the plethora of orphaned pages left on printers all over the world on a daily basis.

So, with this GreenPrint software tool you:
- save on ink
- save on printing paper
- prevent pollution.

Here's our non-commercial link to Printgreener where you'll find more information.

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