Canon Ink Cartridges
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Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon Ink Cartridges

Printer Ink Supplies for Canon Printers, Fax machines, Copiers - Canon Ink Cartridges (Inkjet/Bubblejet) - Canon Ink Refills - Canon Toner Cartridges and not to forget recycle Canon ink cartridges.
Printing supplies like compatible and geniune Canon ink - some describe it as ink for cannon ink cartriges or an inkjet cartridge 4 canon - for use in Canon devices such as:
4079 Plus Color Jetprinter, 5120, 5125, 5200, 9743, A-161 Print Engine, B380IF, BJ-30 / 30V.
BJC series, BN series, C6770, C970, CFX-B380IF, CJP-C80, Color Jetprinter, Color Scribe 6000.
Color Stylewriter series, Compri BN750, Defax 2300, Fax series, faxphone B540, Faxphone B550, Faxphone B640, LR1 Printstation.

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40 Canon Cartridge Ink PG or Canon Ink pg40
This phrase indicates the PG-40 (PG40) ink cartridge. As per Jan.'07 Canon announced their new FAX-JX200, probably available in the first part of 2007 and combining form, function and fine technology as Canon puts it.
It will use the PG-40 ink cartridge that's also used in the Multipass MP 170, PIXMA iP1600, PIXMA iP1700 and PIXMA MP150.

PIXMA series (e.g. spelled ink cartridges for Cannon ip4000).
MultiPASS series, MV-74 Color, Newsprinter CL+, Notejet IIICX, Opal7 CD-R Printer, P-293, Panafax KX-F1600 / 1650, Panafax UF-342 / 344, Phaser 140.
S series, Savinfax 3615C, SFX-P300, Solera Spectrum, SR-700, SR-850D/E, SR-900D, SR-950D/E, Starwriter Jet 300 / 4000, T-Fax 360 / 361 / 362, T7070, Techjet Designer Mod. 5524 / 5536 / 720C.
Laser toner cartridges as the E40, (also spelled CANNON PC E 40 TONER CARTRIDGE). (above list may have errors and not be complete)
Popular Canon printers are also the PIXMA iP90 and the LaserClass 9000L.
Ofcourse there are a lot more Canon ink cartridgesfor other Canon printers such as PIXMA MP530, MP830, iP1800, MP470, 21e, IP4000, MP150, MP170, BCI-6e, 820, i550, PC7 copier and more...

Canon printer categories are: PIXMA, from iP90 through Pro9500 Mark II, PC Printers, from PC1 through PC1080F, ImageClass, from ImageClass D320 through MF6595cx, NP Printers, form NP18 through NP8580, BJC Printers from LB1 through BJC-8500, Laser imageRunner, from 60 through 7200, i Series Printers, from i70 through i9900, Multipass, from Multipass F20 through L6000, LaserClass, from LaserClass 510 through 9800, FAX Series, from FAX L200 through 9550, S Series, from S200 through S820D, FAx Series JX200, FAXPhone, from FaxPhone B45 through L120, FC printers, from FC-1 through FC-500, BJ Printers BJ-5 through BJ-200EX, Laser C Series, from C100 through C180, CLC Series, from CLC-700 through CLC-950, GP Printers, GP-200 through GP-605, SELPHY DS700, DS810, Laser CFX Printers, from CFX-L3500IF through CFX-L4500IF, Digital Copier ICD-340
Then there are the canon printers: L170, LBP-3200, MF5500 and MF5530.

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