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Canon Ink Cartridges

Printer Ink Supplies for Canon Printers, Fax machines, Copiers - Canon Ink Cartridges (Inkjet/Bubblejet) - Canon Ink Refills, and not to forget recycle ink cartridges.

Canon MP560 Ink.
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Canon MX860 Ink Cartidges & Ink Refill.
The Canon PIXMA MX860 is a wireless office all-in-one printer. This inkjet printer has a built-in option for two-sided copying and printing.
Cartridges it uses are:
CLI-221 Black Ink Tank, CLI-221 Cyan Ink Tank, CLI-221 Magenta Ink Tank, CLI-221 Yellow Ink Tank,
You can also get these dye-based inks in a so-called four color-pack.
There's no need to replace all cartridges at the same time, but only the one tank that runs out of ink.

Then there's PGI-220 Black Ink Tank, which is pigment-based and is for quality text and photo printing. So it all combines a five-color ink system for printing clear professional text and photos.

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The black inkjet cartridge / tank CLI221 - OEM - features Canon's new ChromaLife System. It's said that the CLI221 tank which is equipped with fine printhead technology, has results rivaling that of conventional photos on select photo papers. These photos may also last up to 100 years when stored in an archival-quality photo album.

Compatible tanks/cartridges are also available and usually meet the same ISO-9001 original specifications and performance standards as the Canon CLI221 OEM cartridges. These compatible cartridges are often equuipped with a new chip, allowing you to track your correct printer ink levels. In case you've got a compatible tank that has no new chip attached, may cause you to to turn off your ink level gauges.

These ink cartridges can also be used in the Canon printers: PIXMA MP560, PIXMA MP620, PIXMA MP620B, PIXMA MP640, PIXMA MP640R, PIXMA MP980, PIXMA MP990, PIXMA MX860, PIXMA MX870, PIXMA iP3600, PIXMA iP3600 RFB, PIXMA iP4600, PIXMA iP4700.

The Print Resolution for color printing is up to 9600 x 2400 dpi and for black it is: up to 600 x 600 dpi. Canon indicates that resolution may be different depending on printer driver setting and that color ink droplets can be placed with a horizontal pitch of 1/9600 inch at minimum.

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Compatible Canon BCI 6e Ink Cartridge sets.
This ink set includes one of each of the six inkjet cartridges / tanks BCI-6 Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Photo Magenta, and Photo Cyan for Canon printers like the Canon BJC-8200 S800 S820 S820D S830 S830D S900 S9000 i900D i950 i960 PIXMA iP6000D.
Sets to choose from are:

Canon Compatible BCI-6 Set of 6 Ink Cartridges: 1 Black + 1 C/M/Y/PC/PM

Canon Compatible BCI-6 Jumbo Set of 14 Cartridges: 4 Blk + 2 C/M/Y/PC/PM

Canon BCI-6Bk Black Compatible Inkjet Cartridge

Canon BCI-6M Magenta Compatible Inkjet Cartridge

Canon BCI-6Y Yellow Compatible Inkjet Cartridge

Canon BCI-6PC Photo Cyan Compatible Inkjet Cartridge

Canon BCI-6PM Photo Magenta Compatible Inkjet Cartridge

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Canon Printer S200 Ink Cartridge
The Canon Printer S200 ink cartridge BCI-24b for black ink and the BCI-24c for color ink.
Need an inkjet cartridge for your Canon printer? There's the exact Canon-compatible inkjet cartridge you need, including BCI-24b and BCI-24c Canon Ink.

The compatible ink jet cartridges for Canon printers are backed by a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. And there's the guarantee that they will print with the same high quality as your Canon brand cartridges or your money back.
The compatible Canon ink is the same quality as the name brand. So why would you pay more for the name brand when you can get a Canon-compatible cartridge for less?, says major online ink cartridges supplier 4Inkjets.

The bci24 canon bubble jet cartridges are used in the Canon printers i250 i320 i350 i450 i455 i470D i475 MultiPASS F20 S200 S300 MP360 MP370 MP390 PIXMA iP1500 PIXMA iP2000.

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Printer ink for Canon MP170
The Canon PG-40 Black ink tank cartridge is for use in the MP170, PIXMA ip1600, and ip2200 inkjet printers.

This printer ink offers true, professional-quality printing results on a wide variety of specialty photo papers and on plain paper, too. High-intensity inks ensure rich, high-contrast images with vivid colors and razor-sharp black text, so you'll enjoy better looking documents, web pages, and photos. Canon's desktop, mobile, multifunction, and photo printers are designed to deliver high-quality text and photo-realistic prints at fast speeds without compromising clarity and fidelity. For your Canon printer, always choose genuine Canon inks coupled with Canon Photo Papers to ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

The Canon PG-40 black ink tank is designed to work with the PIXMA IP1600 printer. The Canon ChromaLife100 system combines the PIXMA iP1600 Photo Printer's FINE print head technology and newly developed inks with select Canon photo papers, with results rivaling that of conventional photos. These beautiful photos will also last up to 100 years when stored in an archival-quality photo album.

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Canon IP4000 Ink
There are compatible ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA IP4000, IP4000r, IP5000, i860 bubblejet inkjet printers.

These Canon printers use the BCI-3BK and the BCI-6BK ink jet cartridges at the same time. It uses one for photos and one for text.

The Canon ip-4000, ip-5000 and i860 Desktop Photo Printers offers the ultimate in versatility with high-definition photos and laser-sharp black text at high speeds.

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Saving money with Canon Jet Ink Cartridge Refills
An Ink refill kit will save you substantial money on your ink needs. Especially when there's no need to get super professional prints, like in the home and small office situation. Below you'll find a list of Canon bubblejets and other Canon printers to use these refill kits for the cartridges.

The refill kits we're talking about here are for use in the Canon printers BJC-3000 - BJC-6000 - BJC-6100 - BJC-6200 - BJC-6500 - S400 - S450 - and Multipass C 755 bubblejet color printers,
BJC-2000 Series BJC-4200 Series BJC-4300 Series BJC-4400 Series BJC-4550 BJC-5000 BJC-5100 MultiPASS C530 MultiPASS C3000 MultiPASS C 3500 MultiPASS C 5000 MultiPASS C 5500,
Canon BJ-5 - BJ-10e - BJ-10ex - BJ-10sx - BJ-10v - BJ-20 - Multifunction BX-200 - Multifunction B 190 - Multifunction B 200 - Multifunction B 220 - Multifunction B 360 - Faxphone B 60 - Faxphone B 70 - Faxphone B 75 - StarWriter printers 60 - 70 - 80 - - Deluxe StarWriter printer 85 - 95 - StarWriter printer 5000 Pro Canon Bubble Jet BJ 200 - Canon Bubble Jet Color BJC 100 - Canon BubbleJet Color BJC 1000 - Canon BubbleJet Color BJC 210 - Canon BubbleJet Color BJC 240 - Canon BubbleJet Color BJC 250,
Canon 4000 and 5000 multipass series,
Canon BJ-200 E - BJ-220 JC/JS - BJ-230 - BJC-210 - 240 - 250 - BJC-1000 - Multipass1000,
Canon MultiPASS800 - FAXPHONE B 540 - FAXPHONE B 550 - FAXPHONE B 640 inkjet printers,

These are InkTec brand dual refill kits. Includes pictured/written instructions - refill clip - tools - and gloves.

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Printing supplies like compatible and geniune Canon ink for use in Canon devices such as:
4079 Plus Color Jetprinter, 5120, 5125, 5200, 9743, A-161 Print Engine, B380IF, BJ-30 / 30V.
BJC series, BN series, C6770, C970, CFX-B380IF, CJP-C80, Color Jetprinter, Color Scribe 6000.
Color Stylewriter series, Compri BN750, Defax 2300, Fax series, faxphone B540, Faxphone B550, Faxphone B640, LR1 Printstation.

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Canon printer categories are: PIXMA, from iP90 through Pro9500 Mark II, PC Printers, from PC1 through PC1080F, ImageClass, from ImageClass D320 through MF6595cx, NP Printers, form NP18 through NP8580, BJC Printers from LB1 through BJC-8500, Laser imageRunner, from 60 through 7200, i Series Printers, from i70 through i9900, Multipass, from Multipass F20 through L6000, LaserClass, from LaserClass 510 through 9800, FAX Series, from FAX L200 through 9550, S Series, from S200 through S820D, FAx Series JX200, FAXPhone, from FaxPhone B45 through L120, FC printers, from FC-1 through FC-500, BJ Printers BJ-5 through BJ-200EX, Laser C Series, from C100 through C180, CLC Series, from CLC-700 through CLC-950, GP Printers, GP-200 through GP-605, SELPHY DS700, DS810, Laser CFX Printers, from CFX-L3500IF through CFX-L4500IF, Digital Copier ICD-340
Then there are the canon printers: L170, LBP-3200, MF5500 and MF5530.

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Running out of black ink but printing still has te be done?
Canon's Use Composite Black Mode will allow you to switch the printer to composite black for printing of text and other professional looking documents when the standard black ink tank has run out. Composite black is created by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow inks together, which can provide the critical ink needed if the black tank runs dry and you really need to print a few documents.

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