Dell Color & Photo Printer 720 Ink Cartridge Info

Here's all about Dell color & photo printer 720 ink cartridge and how you can save money on ink for your Dell printer by using remanufactured replacement cartridges or a refill kit or do cartridge recycling.

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Black ink
First you have the remanufactured replacement inkjet cartridge for Dell Black T0529. This cartridge replaces the original Dell color printer 720 ink cartridge. The replacement for T0529 ink cartridge has been professionally cleaned along with the printhead nozzles and recharged. Then the replacement for T0529 ink-cartridge is inspected for any possible shell leaking, tested on the operation of all electrical circuits and then the replacement cartridge for T0529 is run through an actual printing test. If the replacement for T0529 ink jet cartridge passes rigid standards, it has been remanufactured to work in your Dell 720 printer. T0529 is also known as the K1014 and 310-4142. Suppliers usually offer a quality satisfaction guarantee. Besides in the Dell color printer 720, the replacement cartridge can also be used in a Dell A920 printer and contains 15 ml of ink. The so-called shelf life is 12-18 months.

Color ink
And the remanufactured replacement for Dell Color T0530 Inkjet Cartridge. Same cleaning, recharging, inspecting and testing process for the black ink replacement also applies to the Color ink cartridge. The T0530 replacement is also known as the K1017 and 310-4143 and contains 13.5 ml of ink.

Ink Refill Kit Black
Inktec Black Ink Refill Kit for use in the Dell T0529 cartridge Ink refill kit for use in Dell T0529 Black Cartridge Two 20 ml bottles of ink (for 4 refills) A refill clip, an ink suction syringe, a screw tool, ink injection needles x 2, a pair of gloves and a manual are included. Lexmark makes the A920 for Dell and keyed the cartridges differently just for Dell. The refill kits below will work with the Dell A920 printer but the Lexmark cartridges will not. So-called shelf life is 2 years and the refill kit contains 40 ml of ink Refill instructions can be viewed.

Ink Refill Kit Color
Inktec Color Ink Refill Kit for use in Dell T0530 Ink refill kit for use in Dell T0530 Color Cartridges. 25 ml bottle each of cyan, magenta and yellow ink (for 5 recharges) A refill clip, a screw tool, an adhesive tape, a rubber pad, an ink suction syringe, ink injection syringe x 3, a pair of plastic gloves and a manual are included. shelf life is 2 years and the refill kit contains 75 ml of ink

Cartridge recycling Black ink
The cartridge recycling service is only for Inkjet cartridges that have not been recycled before. Other restrictions may apply.
At 4Inkjets it's called Jetpack Black Inkjet Recycling Mailer Box, so each supplier may have a different name for it
Why buy new when you can refill your current black inkjet cartridge at a fraction of the cost?
The following cartridges may be recycled:
Dell: T0529, X0502, R5956, T0601, 7Y743

Cartridge recycling Color ink
Dell: T0530, X0504, U5553, T5482, R5974, T0602

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