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More on Dell M4640 Dell 922 Ink - All in One Printer Ink

720 Color Inkjet Printer, J740 Personal Inkjet Printer.
Here's more on Dell Color & Photo Printer 720 Ink Cartridge.

A920 All-in-one Inkjet Printer, A940 All-in-one Inkjet Printer, A960 All-in-one Inkjet Printer, The 922 Photo all-in-one printer uses specific ink cartridges that are not compatible with other units, so instead of dell compatable cartridges for model 922, there will be refill kits available asap.
And the there are ofcourse the Dell Photo all-in-ones 810, 924, 926, 942, 944, 946, A960, 962, 964, 966.

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E.g. a dell 1500 pc toner cartridge for the P1500 Personal Laser Printer.
1100, 1110, 1700, 1710 Laser Printers, 3000cn, 3010cn, 3100cn, 3110cn, 3115cn, 5100cn, 5110cn Color Laser Printers, 1600n and 1815dn Multi-Function Laser Printers.

Dell 3115 Toner Cartridges

Network/Workgroup lasers:
1710n Networked Laser Printer
M5200n, 5210n Workgroup Laser Printers
S2500 Workgroup Laser Printer
S2500N, S5300N, W5300N, 5110cn Networked Workgroup Laser Printers.

For the Dell Color Printer 720:
There's the black ink cartridge and the color ink cartridge.
Also available is a bundle of 2 black ink cartridges, a bundle of 2 color ink cartridges,
a 3-pack black ink cartridges, a bundle of 1 black and 1 color cartridge, a bundle of 1 black, 1 color cartridge plus 30 sheets: 8.5 x 11 inch Dell Premium Photo Paper.

For the Dell J740 Personal Inkjet Printer:
The black and the color ink cartridge.
There are various bundles available such as a bundle of 1 black and 1 color ink cartridge; a bundle of 2 black ink cartridges and 1 color ink cartridge; a 2-pack black ink cartridges; a 2-pack color ink cartridges; a 3-pack black ink cartridges; a bundle including: 1 black ink cartridge, 1 color ink cartridge and Photo Paper: 8.5 x 11 inch, 50-sheet pack.

For the Dell A940 All-in-one Inkjet Printer:
Various bundles are available. Here's what Dell says about a particular bundle with 1 black, 1 color ink cartridge and 75 sheets Dell Premium Photo Paper: 8.5 x 11 inch: " This bundle is specifically designed for the Dell A940 All-in-One Printer. It includes the following products: 1 Color Print Cartridge, 1 Black Print Cartridge, and a 75-Sheet Pack of Dell Premium Photo Paper. High-Resolution Color Print Cartridge This color print cartridge from Dell features small ink-drop size for excellent clarity and fine detail. The cartridge produces high-resolution color printouts with sharp images and brilliant photos. High-Resolution Black Print Cartridge This black print cartridge from Dell produces high-resolution printouts with clear images and text. It features microscopic ink-drop size which results in incredible clarity and detail. 8.5" x 11" Premium Photo Paper For brilliant, high quality photos choose Dell's Premium Photo Paper. This acid-free, glossy photo paper is great for scrapbooking and printing photos for family and friends. With the Dell Premium Photo Paper on the shelf, you can print what you want, in the size you want, when you want".

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