HP 57 Ink Cartridge C6657A
Find the best deals on HP 57 Ink Cartridge tri color C6657A
HP 57 Ink Cartridge tri color C6657A
HP 57 Ink Cartridge tri color C6657A

HP 57 Ink - HP57 Cartridge tri color C6657A

HP57 cartridge: besides genuine ink cartridges there are remanufactured inkjet cartridges.
The hp C6657A (hp 57) remanufactured ink cartridge is a replacement cartridge that is manufactured not by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) HEWLETT PACKARD, but by a third party. This product is similar to the original and meets our stringent quality standards. The remanufactured hp C6657A (hp 57) usually carries a 1 year money-back guarantee. So, in addition to getting all the benefits of a genuine hp C6657A (hp 57) product, you also get a price benefit when you buy the remanufactured hp C6657A (hp 57).

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HP 57 remanufactured, genuine or ink refill kits are to use in:
Deskjet 450cbi, Deskjet 450ci, Deskjet 450wbt, Deskjet 5150, Deskjet 5150W, Deskjet 5550, Deskjet 5551, Deskjet 5600, Deskjet 5650, Deskjet 5650w, Deskjet 5850, Deskjet 5850W, Deskjet 9650, Deskjet 9670, Deskjet 9680, Deskjet F4140 and Digital Copier 410.
OfficeJet 6612, Officejet 4110, Officejet 4110v, Officejet 4110xi, Officejet 4215, Officejet 4215v, Officejet 4215xi, Officejet 4219, Officejet 5510, Officejet 5510v, Officejet 5510xi, Officejet 6100, Officejet 6110, Officejet 6110xi
PSC 1110, PSC 1200, PSC 1205, PSC 1209, PSC 1210, PSC 1210v, PSC 1210xi, PSC 1300, PSC 1310, PSC 1311, PSC 1315, PSC 1315v, PSC 1315xi, PSC 1317, PSC 1340, PSC 1350, PSC 1350v, PSC 1350xi, PSC 2100, PSC 2105, PSC 2108, PSC 2110, PSC 2110v, PSC 2110xi, PSC 2150, PSC 2170, PSC 2175, PSC 2175v, PSC 2175xi, PSC 2200, PSC 2210, PSC 2210v, PSC 2210xi, PSC 2400, PSC 2405, PSC 2410, PSC 2410v, PSC 2410xi, PSC 2420, PSC 2510, PSC 2510xi
Photosmart 100, Photosmart 130, Photosmart 145, Photosmart 145v, Photosmart 145xi, Photosmart 230, Photosmart 230v, Photosmart 230xi, Photosmart 245, Photosmart 245v, Photosmart 245xi, Photosmart 5550, Photosmart 7150, Photosmart 7260, Photosmart 7260v, Photosmart 7260w, Photosmart 7350, Photosmart 7350v, Photosmart 7450, Photosmart 7550, Photosmart 7550v, Photosmart 7550w, Photosmart 7660, Photosmart 7660v, Photosmart 7660w, Photosmart 7755, Photosmart 7760, Photosmart 7760v, Photosmart 7760w, Photosmart 7960, Photosmart 7960w

Conserve color ink in your HP 57 compatible printer. If color is not really necessary you can conserve color ink by printing in black-and-white only.
To save paper - ...and thus environment - when using your HP c6657a cartridge, you might consider to print double-sided, also called duplexing.
Or in case you need prints for previewing, you could print more than one page per sheet. Go to: File > Print > Preferences or properties > Features tab > and then the "Pages per sheet option"

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