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HP ENVY 6000 and ENVY Pro 6400 series model 6055 and model 6455 All-in-One Wireless Printers Info and Comparison

HP ENVY 6000 All-in-One Printer series model 6055 and the HP ENVY Pro 6400 All-in-One Printer  series model 6455

Printer manufacturer HP, launched in June 2020, new ENVY All-in-One Printers, model 6055 of the ENVY 6000 series and model 6455 of the ENVY Pro 6400 series

These multifunctional ENVY 6055 and ENVY Pro 6455 printers were available right away.

U.S.Dollar Retail prices range from $130 for the ENVY 6055 model and $150 for the ENVY Pro 6455 model.
If you wonder what ink HP ENVY 6000 series use, see here information about 6000 ink, and 6400 ink.

HP ENVY 6055 and ENVY Pro 6455 printer models

HP ENVY 6055 vs 6455.
Most features are the same for both printers, but with a few differences.

ENVY 6055 ENVY Pro 6455
- Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)  
- Multi-page scanning with ADF
- Mobile Fax capability
Max. Paper Size:
8.5x11.7" (Letter)  

8.5x14" (Legal)

Details of differences:
ENVY Pro 6455
- Multi-page scanning with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
but for scanning a borderless original, it is advised to use the scanner glass and not the document feeder.
- Fax capability: You can use the HP Smart app to scan and securely fax multiple pages from your computer or mobile device.
You can also fax in color at 150 x 150 dpi resolution.
For more "fax" information, see:
Max. paper/media size: 8.5" x 14" (Legal)

Same features.
Other features of the ENVY 6055 and ENVY Pro 6455 printers are about the same, such as:
- Print technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
- Black and Color printing
- Print, scan, and copy
- You can print from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.
- Two-sided printing
- Photo capabilities: borderless and photo editing
- Dual-band: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, Wi-Fi with self-healing, meaning it automatically detects and resolves connectivity issues to help reduce interruptions.
- Print speed: Black, up to 10 pages per minute, Color up to 7 pages per minute,
- Resolution (black): Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi (when printing from a computer)
- Resolution (color): Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color (when printing from a computer on selected HP photo papers and 1200 input dpi)
- Duty Cycle: Up to 1,000 pages
- Using the HP Smart app you can print from your smartphone.
(for more info on the HP Smart app, see:
- Access to many free learning printables
- intuitive user interface with guided lighting
- Ink cartridges: 1 black, 1 tri-color
- Setup ink cartridge black and one cartridge for tri-color
- Setup and reference guide
- Bluetooth 5.0
- Connection: USB and Wireless
- USB 2.0 port for PC connection(a USB cable is not included)
- Power cord (1.5 m)
- partly made of recycled plastic.

These printers are equipped with HP Printer software(available online) and CD software.
And come with a 1-year standard warranty.

e" version - HP+
With the "e" printer model you have the option - during setup of the printer - to choose for HP+ which includes 6 months of instant ink, a 2-year extended HP warranty, and features in HP Smart app.
The free ink for 6 month should be enough to print up to 700 pages a month.

HP+ enrollment requires an HP account, credit card, and exclusive use of Original HP Ink cartridges.
You printer must be connected to the internet so HP can monitor when to send you ink before you run out.

For more information and reviews on the ENVY All-In-One Printers, see Amazon ad link Here for the ENVY 6055 or Here for the ENVY 6055e.

or Here on the ENVY Pro 6455 or Here for the ENVY 6455e.

HP ENVY 6000 Ink Cartridge and HP ENVY Pro 6400 Ink Cartridge Info

HP 67 Ink Cartridges:
HP 67 Black Ink (for up to 120 pages),
Tri-color ink (for up to 100 pages)
HP 67XL Black Ink (for up to 240 pages), and Tri-color ink (for up to 200 pages)

Mind, that actual inkjet page yields may varies considerably based on the content of printed pages, high density text, high use of colors and more.

For these HP ENVY 6000 Series Ink - 6055 printer - and HP ENVY 6400 Ink Cartridge - Pro 6455 printer - , HP 67 black and tri-color genuine, remanufacturered replacement ink cartridges, and refill kits, see Amazon ad link Here for more for information, reviews and best pricing.

Questions you might have.

Do these printers come with ink cartridges?
Yes, these are so-called setup cartridges, to use during setup and initial printing jobs.

Can I print with just the black ink cartridge in the printer?
Yes, when the tricolor ink cartridge is empty or low, you can remove that cartridge. Your printer will automatically go into the single-cartridge mode. So, if you only print in black and white, there's no need to replace the color ink cartridge.

Can I print from my smartphone?
Yes, when using the HP Smart app you can print from your smartphone(includes iPhone); for the right connection, just make sure your phone and printer are on the same wireless network.

ENVY 6055 and ENVY Pro 6455 models print from Chromebook or Google Cloud Print?
Yes, these printers work with your ChromeOS device and are Google Cloud Print capable. You might read more on connecting the printer to the Chromebook:

What is the resolution when printing from my computer?
For black it is up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi.
For color it is up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color (when printing on selected HP photo papers and 1200 input dpi).

What maximum paper size can I print with the ENVY 6055 en ENVY Pro 6455?
The maximum paper size is 8.5 x 11 inches (= letter-size paper). These printers don't support 8.5 x 14 inches (=legal-size paper).

Is a USB cable included?
No. If you need one, you have to buy one


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To power your printer in an off-grid situation.
When you go to an off-grid area or where there's a chance of a power outage, you might consider having a portable power station with you.

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