Info on the Portable HP Sprocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Brand new HP Sprocket photo printer - this time its really tiny, just suitable to put in your pocket - launched by the computer and printer manufacturer.
With this new gadget you can rightaway print the pics from your smartphone, tablet or social media, providing you with you 2 x 3 inches sticky-back photos.

It features:
- Bluetooth connection with your smartphone or tablet via your bluetooth settings.
- customizable photos with options such a text, filters, colorful frames, through the free Sprocket app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play store.
- you get "vibrant smudge-proof photos" as the manufacturer describes it.
- The printer does not use ink cartridges. The print technology is called thermal printing, meaning that it is the special paper that does the print job. Print quality is 313 x 400 dots per inch (dpi)

This pocket-sized printer is available in black with silver accents or in white with rose gold accents, and comes with 10 sheets of HP Zink sticky-back photo paper, setup card, USB charging cable. The price indication is $135

See Amazon Here for more information about the HP Sprocket photo printer.

You'll also find there the special Zink paper.

Watch the video here about the Sprocket photo printer: