Ink Refill Kits

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An ink refill kit (or ink cartage refill, as some say), consists of ink bottles, syringes, and an air balance clip. Refilling is simply the process of injecting ink from the bottles into your existing cartridge. The air balance clip is used to balance the air inside your cartridge, assuring that ink will flow from the cartridge head immediately upon printing. Your printer's print head cleaning utility (described in your printer's operating manual) should always be run 1-2 times after inserting a refilled cartridge.

On average, a cartridge can be refilled 4-5 times. Please keep in mind that this is an average. Each product varies in the number of times it can be refilled. The condition of the cartridge must also be considered. Some people have questions about how to refill the cartage or write ink cartage refill.(mind the wording)
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Will refilling my cartridge void the OEM's warranty on my printer?

NO! This is a common misperception by all printer owners. OEM's have threatened in the past to void printer warranties when cartridges are refilled. Legislation has since prohibited OEM's from voiding warranties for this reason, in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act.

How often can I refill my ink cartridge and what's the best time?

The amount of times you can refill an ink cartridge depends on the care taken between refilling and the inkjet print head. Until this wears out you can keep refilling/recycling your empty cartridges. As a rule of thumb you can usually refill your ink cartridge 4 - 8 times. Best is that you refill your ink cartridges before they run out of ink. Because that will prevent the ink from drying in the printhead between refills.
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