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The New Phomemo Thermal Label Printer M200

Phomemo M200 Thermal Label Printer

Label printer manufacturer Phomemo recently announced the new M200 Multifunctional Thermal Label Printer, as the updated version of the M110 printer.

If you're looking for a label printer, that should feature:
- Inkless printing,
- Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection,
- Voice input,
- Long endurance,
- Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows,
then the new Phomemo M200 Multifunctional Thermal Label Printer might be your choice.

Other features are:
- Wider printing width: 20 - 75 mm
- More speed: 35mm per second, (the M110: 21mm / s)
- Can print transparent labels and continuous labels,
- Fast charging battery.

Device dimensions: 120 x 117 x 60 mm

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