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The New Phomemo PM-246, PM-246s, PM-246 Pro 4x6 Thermal Label Printers

The New Phomemo PM 246 4x6 Thermal Label Printer with paper holder

Label printer manufacturer Phomemo recently announced their new multi-funtion 4x6 Thermal Label Printer Models PM 246, PM-246s, PM-246 Pro for shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcode, food nutrition labels, ID labels, bulk mailing labels and more.

If you're looking for a thermal 4x6 shipping label printer, that should feature:
- Print Speed: up to one 4x6 inches shipping label per second,
- Printing sharp barcodes and graphs, ongoing,
- Creating customized labels directly from Microsoft and Mac Address Book, and more,
- Direct Thermal printing, without the need for ink or toner,
then the new Phomemo PM-246 Multifunctional Thermal Label Printer might be your choice.

Differences between the new PM-246 Printer models:

PM-246 PM-246 Pro PM-246s
Printer Language: TSPL TSPL2, EPL2 TSPL2, EPL2
Resolution 203 dpi: Yes Yes Yes
Print Speed
6" (150mm) /sec:



Max. Print Width: 4.09" (104 mm) 4.25" (108 mm) 4.25" (108 mm)
Media Width: 1.49 - 4.1"
(38 - 104mm)
1.89 - 4.25"
(48 - 108mm)
1.0 - 4.5"
(25.4 - 120mm)
Media Thickness: 0.002 - 0.012"
(0.058 - 0.305mm)
0.003 - 0.008"
(0.08 - 0.2mm)
0.003 - 0.008"
(0.08 - 0.2mm)
Roll Size Max. 5" (127mm): Yes Yes Yes
Fixed Position
Transmissive Sensor:



Adjustable Position
Reflective Sensor::


Fixed Position

The printer comes with:
USB Adapter: No Yes No
USB Cable: Yes Yes Yes
Power Adapter
24V, 2.5A, + Cord:



Manuals: Yes Yes Yes
Test labels: 10 20 10
Label Holder: No Yes No
Price indic.: $129.99 $140.99 $111.10

Other features these Phomemo 246 models have:
- Media types: Roll-fed or fan-fed, die-cut or continuous direct thermal labels with or without the black mark, tag stock, uninterrupted receipt paper, wristbands, and optional liner-free direct-thermal media.
- Head open sensor.
- Continuous printing for more than 12 hours.
- Compatible with Mac OS and Windows, but non-compatible with Chrome OS.
- Automatic Label Identification.
- Especially suitable for printing paper labels for parcels, folders, envelopes, transportation postage, and more..., in large volumes and multiple size labels.
- Warranty - Printer: 1-year

For more information, reviews, and 10% Off with coupon code: 24610, see the Phomemo ad links
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The PM 246 model is also available at but without the 10% Off, see Amazon ad link Here for more information and reviews.


Questions you might have.

Is this 4x6" label printer compatible with the major couriers?
Yes. This printer is compatible with all major shipping platforms, including Endicia Dazzle,, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks, Shippo, Ordoro.

Does this printer work with most thermal labels?
Yes, this PM-246 printer works with any direct thermal label, including free UPS labels.

For what kind of labels is this printer best suitable?
This printer is best suitable for 4x6 inch shipping labels, barcode and ID labels, bulk mailing labels, warehouse labels, etc.

What is its print life?
Around 650,000 labels.

See more information, reviews and pricing Here.

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